SpecPed® GCu11P

(Copper Tripeptide-1)


      SpecPed® GCu11P is Copper Tripeptide-1, which was originally isolated from human plasma. It is a tripeptide possessing a high affinity for copper ions. This peptide was first described as a growth factor for a variety of differentiated cells. It has functions as below:


  • It is a kind of signal peptide and carrier peptide;


  • Promote wound healing and repair damaged skin;


  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and firming skin;


  • Repair skin and delay aging;


Therefore, SpecPed® GCu11P can be recommended to use as functions of anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skin and hair repairing, wound healing in personal care products.

INCI Name: 
Copper Tripeptide-1


CAS No.: 


EC No.: 


Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skin and hair repairing, wound healing and etc.


Recommended Dosage:    

0.05 - 1.0% (varies in different countries, refer to local regulations)


Keep container tightly closed, away from light, 2 - 8℃ storage for 24 months, -20℃ storage is better. 


Shelf life:    
2 years


1g, 10g, 100g or Customization


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